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Experienced Coach with 17+ years strong business background, guiding leaders to exceed expectations.

Who Am I

I am an experienced Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, with 17+ years of strong business background. I guide a wide variety of leaders, executives and high-potential individuals bridge performance gaps, define and measure what is important to them by facilitating insight and awareness, allowing them to create meaningful performance plans with measurable goals, in optimizing their success.
In becoming your trustworthy partner, I will be supporting you to become an even more self-confident leader, improve communication skills, create a flexible approach to handle unfamiliar circumstances. You will be equipped to manage stressful situations successfully, become able to handle expectations from your new boss, influence and impact others, gracefully integrate into your new team, learn to let-go safely, and develop accountability in others so that you can exceed expectations.
Before becoming a change facilitator, I spend the majority of my 17+ years of business experience, influencing, and leading strategic transformation initiatives in operations, finance, and leadership, working in automotive, manufacturing, or textile industries with companies like Faurecia, JLG/ Oshkosh, and Lacoste.
I have made significant achievements in assisting organizations in striving for world-class excellence. I learned invaluable lessons from the corporate fields or various levels in which I have worked. I was operating in multiple countries like Romania, France, Morocco, or Tunisia, really immersed in a multinational and multicultural environment. My dedication to “walk the talk” to develop both technical and emotional skills, being humble continually, strategic, focused, and authentic, has resulted in my professional success.
I live now in Germany, where I started my company, and I am working with a worldwide range of clients in English, French, or Romanian, offering personalized services in leadership identification and development, communication, change initiatives, leadership effectiveness, and management best practices. I use my acquired skills in business management, situational knowledge, and I focus my expertise in human mindset, behavior, and high-performance.

What I do

I develop personalized solutions, for guiding transitions in business and leadership.  
To help my partners thrive, I focus on their unique gifts, talents, and abilities. I incorporate evidence-based, strength-oriented solutions, along with positive motivation and empowerment methods, practical tools, and creative resources.
I strive for excellence. I am a continuous learner and certified myself in a variety of methodologies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, mindfulness, and lean.
I believe in a powerful coaching relationship, and I offer a safe, trustful space to open up. I arrive with my passion, energy, and supportive approach to improve my client’s engagement and stimulate the creative thinking process to open up new opportunities, develop work improvement strategies, and meaningful accomplishments.

What I Believe

I believe we have the answers to all our problems inside ourselves, we can find resourcefulness, once we manage to switch from looking at the content to managing the context, and once we have the right person to give, or show us how to regain, confidence.
I believe we are all extraordinary, we just have to trust ourselves! 
I also believe that there are no bad people, just sad people.
I could not agree more with my son Paul, when was resuming once Oblivion ( The movie):  “Mama, these are the good people, these are the bad people… they are also good. Is just that they don’t know it yet… ” 

What is my approach

I am a huge “Four-leaf clover” lover,  I have found my first ones not long ago, and ever since I use this search as an active meditation on every walk in the woods (I even have several with five, six and seven, and spend several of my own mentoring and Coaching sessions on deconstructing the process). Several friends, or my son ask me to “help” them find also 4 clovers, as quote “They’ve never found one”.
And my answer is, “You don’t find them. They find you. But you need to stop, pause, sit down, look with a clear mind and opened heart so that you can hear their call. You will start to see the patterns, your “inner back processor” will do his scanning and you’ll see them”. And if you don’t find one, I’ll share with you the ones I find”. As you can guess, no-one wants mine anymore after this. They want to have THEIR own Four Clover, because they know they can.
 I see coaching just like the Four Clover search process. I provide you in the manuals, short modules and different links, a great part of my knowledge. And after each session you will receive  a follow up personalised message with a summary and other resources. You can still have the resources that were useful for me to consider (and this does not go anywhere) AND you get to explore your own solutions, your OWN FOUR CLOVER and maybe get to an even better outcome that I might have found in the past, and your solutions will be adapted to your context, situation, perspectives in the now.  If this is attractive to you as solution, let’s find together your OWN Four Leaf Clovers.


I've had so many examples of how not to. Now, with everything I do I try to create a movement to teach, inspire, and capture the best practices, both Technical and Emotional in leadership transition so that together, we can eradicate the “Bad boss syndrome”.


I want to create Value, never forgetting about Values. Once you know who you are, and where you want to be, once you understand why this is important for you, you will be able to decide the effort level you will be ready to commit to getting there.


In a world where everything changes, in the turmoil of today highly uncertain environment, is very easy to lose your credo, to doubt your competencies, and to shake your confidence from one day to the other. What can leaders do? Where can you turn for a trustworthy advice?

My Favourite Quote

 “ If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change”, Wayne Dyer

My Proudest Accomplishment

The title of “Best mama in the world ever”.

Most Grateful for

My life, all the struggles, and lessons I’ve had and helped me grow and mature. For my family, my wonderful son, for health. Being able to have multiple options, the opportunities to pursue my passions. For all the people who trust me and allow me to join their journey.

My Story

When I was 35 years old, I became European Director, for all the internal factories and industrial office from the premium textile brand for which I was working.
Yet… I started my professional career as accountant at 22 years old. I was 25 when I became Finance Manager in a major Automotive company.
In my 30s I grew as CEO/ Plant manager. I was in a Manufacturing Company, part or a major premium brand, worldwide known.
I could have been just …another manager, a successful one which by the way is not so bad. Yet I was far from being an inspirational Leader for my teams. But… I had once a question that changed my life. I hired a Lean consultant just when I became CEO. He was coming every Friday for 3 months, after a 6 days Lean Training for my teams. 
I can tell you that was ruining my weekends for a trimester… As usual I was complaining how my team did not advanced, how I was myself not able to advance and how I never had a Plant Manager, woman even less, that I could have looked up to, and to have as model. So I was sure I will never make it. He asked me :” But then Alexandra, why don’t you become the plant manager, you would have always wanted to have?”. Ever since, I did all towards this goal… becoming the role model I always wanted to have.
And the answers for myself I found in Lean, later in NLP, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience. I learned to be aware of my own fails, aware of the environment and how to read it. I learned to be humble, to listen, to ask feedback. This journey helped me as professional to find answers to my problems. And later the problems my companies faced, always for those problems, the answers were laying in the knowledge of my teams.
My coaching journey started In 2015, when NLP and personal development was not enough to be a better Leader for my colleagues. Ever since I was working with pears, colleagues, and later with clients. I always had a coach. Sometimes several ones. I became in 2018 certified NLP Trainer, with John Grinder, I took the certification to perform Emotional Intelligence Assessments, I took my ACC credentials certification, and I finished Neuroscience academy short training.
I started in Germany my Coaching, Consulting and Training Company. In September 2018 I launched a research, and a survey, where I wanted to add to my experience, all the knowledge I could find about Leadership Transition and how can this be boosted. I had also precious help, to fine tune and improved this “transition” program. My own path, my experience as leader and with the knowledge gained in the research, I am now ever more confident when I stand behind Leaders Transition Booster and say that it is tailor-made to your needs and complete in every way I can think of today.

What people are saying...​

You can check on LinkedIn what my clients, peers, ex superiors, suppliers or member teams had to say about me. Here are some words: 

Certifications and Credentials

I am proud and honoured to have had the opportunity to work with great people, and get access to their knowledge. It is long and fulfilling journey of learning, still to continue:
In 2020 I received the Professional Certified Coach PCC Credential  from International Coaching Federation. What does that mean? I have trained at least 125+ hours. I gained experience of more than 500+ hours with Clients. I have demonstrated knowledge and proficient application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and coaching definition. I am also committed to high ethical standards and have demonstrated, through a rigorous assessment, competence in using various behaviors and skills in my work with clients. 
I became in 2018 Global ICF Coaching Association’s 25,000th ACC Credential-holder,  ;  ;  ;
In 2015 I had the great opportunity to start my Coaching learning journey from Master Alain Cardon, MCC,
In 2020 I became a Marshall Goldsmith Executive and Team Certified Coach.
Since 2018 I am ITA NLP Member, Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll, (a program under direct supervision and presence of Master John Grinder)
I am certified and work with Psychometrical Tools from MHS Canada and I  to perform Emotional Intelligence Assessments on EQ-i.2, EQ360. A leading publisher of scientifically validated assessments for more than 30 years, Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS). A super helpful program done through NLPBI Spain.
From the same MHS Canada I work also with the Hardiness and Resilience Gauge and Change Style Indicator. The Kinch Lyons team do a great job
I participated to an IMD Leadership program in 2017 .
I upgraded my knowledge in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health in 2018 with a great teacher : Dr Sarah McKay  

More privately

I was born in Romania in 1981.
I graduated the studies in Romania in 2003 Finance University, I Studied with an Erasmus Scholarship in France during University. In 2011 I finished my Master in Financial Management of the organisations.
I have worked with different multinational companies like Faurecia, Oshkosh/ JLG and Lacoste. I started my corporate journey as a simple accountant, then Financial Manager, Finance Director, Plant Manager and European Director.
I am married and have a wonderful son.
I was living for a couple of years in France, I am currently based with my family in Herzogenaurach, Germany since 2018. A place where my son wants “to live forever.”

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