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Running the Perfect Meeting

How to take control of your time and get more results in your new job?
When was the last time while going out of a meeting that you asked yourself: “What was this about?” Although one of the most powerful tools in business, when used unconsciously, they may damage more than build, both the company and your image. Meetings can be painful, frustrating, energy-draining, and costly. A fresh start is a perfect moment to improve your habits. If you just arrived in a new job or a new company, it is ideal timing mindful and strive for better.

Crack the Code of Employee Turnover

7 little changes that will make a big difference
Employee turnover rate must be one of your main focuses, whether you work in the HR department or not. This indicator gives you hints about critical problems such as employee engagement, issues with your hiring strategies, and management problems. If you just took on a new role, analyzing and understanding the history of your department/ company turnover is critical and can give you significant competitive advance.

Leadership in VUCA?

The non-negotiables of transition, in a world of Faster, Further, Higher, More
The time frame for success and gains is tighter than ever. In a world of accelerating demands, we cannot resist the big urge to what it means peak performance, aspirations, achievement, and excellence. We continue to raise the bar for ourselves, for our teams and companies: move faster, go further, jump higher, and achieve more. The overwhelming speed of events, with various problems added, seems not to let us always have a systematic leadership approach. If we want structure, it demands awareness and conscious effort, because the firefighting mode is on most of the time. And it is not getting anywhere easier, especially if you just took a new job, changed city or country, or just had significant changes in your personal life.

Lost in Transition?

Three quotes you should not ignore while navigating the road to success
How can someone you thought was brilliant when you hired him/her for a new job position, with an outstanding track record, someone who had been such a success in the past at all their other jobs, suddenly turn into an overnight disaster? Why does someone you believed was the perfect fit and right person for the job turn out to be such a disappointment? I began my quest for answers regarding the underlying factors that determine the success or failure of a transition more than ten years ago. Those exact questions haunted my career at the time. I was 27 then and had just taken over a CFO position in a smaller company. The idea of failure was completely unimaginable to me. I believed I could solve anything with ....

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