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Accelerate difficult transition times, and prevent costly personal and professional mistakes

Boost your Transition into a Successful Career

We help leaders accelerate difficult transition times, prevent costly mistakes for their business and their career and take advantage of their full potential to inspire their teams, to change their lives and create additional value through targeted strategy.

Lost in Transition ?

Crisis Situations. Pressure from ex and actual peers, from the new company. High self-expectations. Lack of clear understanding of new role expectations. Feeling of inability to cope with the New challenge. Emergency to prove early wins. Frustration in creating change. Struggle to adjust to the new culture. Difficulty to connect to the new team. Feel in a sink or swim situation. Trouble to unleash your full potential.

Whatever happens in the first months will set you up for success or failure.

If things go wrong, not only that the company will not take advantage of your full potential but can damage the company in negative results decreased employee morale and cause a costly turnover.
Failure in understanding the overall process of change and transition can bring you quickly in a burnout situation that can negatively impact several years of your career.
And it can be challenging to bounce back.

Boost Transitions. Change Perspectives. Enable Success.

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Boost Transitions

Reduce the time to make a net contribution. Establish a roadmap and framework for future success. We believe you can accelerate your Transitions with a clearly defined Strategy and the right Support.

Change Perspectives

Develop healthy and mutually satisfying relationships. Remain Objective and find solutions to problems. Have a flexible approach in unfamiliar, unpredictable, and dynamic circumstances. Enhance your Credibility.

Enable Success

Cope with stressful and difficult situations remaining positive and resilient. Define critical actions to deliver early business results. Bring out the best in people. Release your potential and set yourself up for success.

A Proven Process for Boosting Transitions

If you have been struggling with your new job, it’sa because one of the parts in the system was not designed for this new position. Here is why most external hires fail.

Here’s Why 40% Fail in a new position

You go through Recruitment, you spend a lot of time in the “seduction” dance. Then you arrive on the first day, and you realize you oversold yourself and they under-warned you about what you are going to find there. And you struggle in showing the quick wins; you cannot get their trust, you fail to connect to the new team and creating change is not apparent. Your new bosses let you prove yourself. You cannot afford to pay consultants. And it takes a lot of time to find your way. You are in a sink-or-swim situation. And all this in a highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. While you have no proper supporters. The pressure won’t get lighter. Read the whole “Why leaders fail” Article …

A 4-step System to boost your successful start

The reason your current approach didn’t work was that you skipped the most important step. The first thing we do for our clients is to make them go through an exhaustive strategy process. Once you have this structured strategy, the On-boarding Roadmap you have a real chance of succeeding in the next steps of 2) Creating Awareness with Self-Assessment Tools and Business Diagnosis Tools 3) Upgrading your Tools to level up your Skills, and 4) building long term Credibility.

Step 1. Transition Roadmap​

[if not received .. it’s up to you to make it] Just like Businesses make Budgets, you need to have the Roadmap of your transition, you might have deviations, but at least you know where you stand according to something.. clear. Take our free map and involve HR. Studies, researches are made on this topic: Success in integration is increased with a clearly defined onboarding process.

You know what you need to do from the 1st day.. Discover the 5 “W’s” of a successful onboarding. The first part of success in the new job starts with building a real structured Onboarding Roadmap strategy. Not just contract, procedures, and coffee at some introduction meetings. It’s far more in-depth than that. Most leaders never take the time to do detailed strategy work before they start their new job. No matter where you are in your career right now, you can always benefit from stopping to do a thorough personal review. This will help you sustain your strategy in the new job and guide you in turmoil.

Step 2. Creating awareness.

[and make sure your new colleagues will not hate you from the first week]
Having this approach will make you change the way you look at problems. There are books written on the subject. But resumed is : Go see, ask why, show respect. Look at the process first and then ask what happened, why did this happens, instead of who’s fault it is. And listen!

Strategies are great. You certainly need one. But these days having a Strategy is not enough. The world is more sophisticated now.  What you need to do is becoming quickly aware of your leadership weak-points and develop them quickly. Understand the business you’re in where you are so you can project where to get. Self-Assessment Tools and Business Diagnosis Tools are proven to help you gain awareness to adapt quickly, perform better, and deliver faster results. And permanently adjust and integrate new pieces of information in your strategy. 

Discover the key, what to do when you don’t know the process, the flows and you have no power or influence… other than the authority provided by the business card and the name on the office door. 

Step 3.Level up your skills.

Upgrade your tools to level up your skills.

[dust-off your skills, improve your emotional intelligence… “what got you here, won’t get you there” M Goldman] Is not about I and you, is about WE. You know that if you don’t receive what you need at the level that you need, you cannot have performance as much as you would like. Upgrade your communication tools, clean and adapt your leadership skills, listen and even upgrade some specific technical skills. Start with an assessment of current status. There are 2 parts in a successful transition: the technical and the emotional one. Listen, get feedback for both, question yourself. Balance strength and flexibility. 

Build trust, produce change and improvement in your own teams. When people resist, they don’t resist to the rational side, it’s the emotional side that stands in your way. Once you build your Onboarding and beyond strategy, and made your self and business diagnosis, you have two choices to advance very quickly in gaining credibility. You either spend money (on external consultants) or Time (through searching what the best approach is). There is nothing quick or easy about getting credibility and trust from your new Team, Bosses, or Peers. But you can quickly get high quality, targeted actions with focused support and laser target Knowledge. Boost your Skills with a blend of Learning and Coaching.

Step 4 – Building Personal Brand - Congruent Leadership

[“Walk the talk and talk the walk”… if you want them to follow you]
In-congruency is the basis of immobility and suffering, for you as an individual already, of course if you are aware of it. This is when you don’t make progress. Unless you learn how to be congruent, you will not advance as far as your potential could get you, or you will not be able to achieve a sustainable success. Check out our free training to find out what are the 2 most important traits from military to aviation and clinical world, validated with Leadership professors and a must in the digital world.

Having consultants is great in Crisis Situations. But here’s the problem. You have to pay for them! And it can’t go forever. And this will not build your credibility. Once you successfully got your early wins and shown some signs for future trust to your new Environment, it’s time to take your brand to the next level. You need to prove yourself an expert in this new job. You need to be able to inspire your team throughout the complicated changing process. Paying consultant to make your organization adhere to your new ideas is a way to discredit yourself in the long term. The quality of what you say matters. You must lead this and make it great. This is where a clear personal message, your own why can take your career to the next level. But it has to be in your mindset and of the highest possible leadership.

Building a real Leadership strategy in a new Environment comes down to understanding three things.

1) Who are you? Why you do what you do? What is grounding you, and what is shaking you? How can you get back in control?

2) How does the change impact people? Can you motivate and influence them?

3) How can you show them a bridge that they will trust to walk towards the better future you offer them?

Strategy and Roadmap at their core are simple.

Building Credibility and a Personal Brand in a whole new place is hard work.
And if you don’t have a system, it has high failure rate chances

Who are you? Why you do what you do?

Your answer to those questions is making you a Leader. Your Values and Beliefs build your story. Moreover, the story you tell yourself today enhances or limit you tomorrow. Also, it will help you build Trust. The foundation of our strategy Roadmap work is a series of actions and exercises we use to understand yourself, your mindset. Diagnose your new Environment and craft your three months plan.

Navigate Change and Transition

Different people have different reactions in tormented moments. Your new team will be willing to give you credit if you meet them in their pain moments. We all have an idea of a better workplace we genuinely want. However, the problem is that different people need a different approach. What are the key moments that can make you or break you? When will you need to pay attention? We use a series of exercises and assessments to help you understand your leadership derailers. Because of the high expectations placed on leaders, it is essential to strive towards exceptional performance.

Building the Credibility Bridge

Once you understand your new team expectations, you can start applying your strategy idea. Exactly what you need do to inspire them to get the results. Now it’s time to implement it out in extreme detail. That means every single meeting, email, action, and interaction will be following three outcomes. All mapped out in excruciating detail: building trust, prove your expertise, and maintaining your mindset.

To build a customized Transition Roadmap for an organization, it can take months. To adapt our model for customers, we spend over 40+ hours doing the hard strategy work.

This is why I have designed the Leaders Transition Booster Online Program.

In this Program, you will learn exactly how to build your strategy and get the Templates, Audits, and exercises you need to develop a plan with the Leaders Transition Booster Method.

Moreover, You can use it further in your future jobs changing or implement it in your HR department so you can have in-house training.

To qualify for the Program, here is what you need to do.

1) Please send me a short message with some more information about you.
2) I’ll send you a short quiz to find out where you stand with your Influence Leadership style, Change, and Transition knowledge.
3) If it’s a fit for you sign-up for the special offer of the Leadership Transition Program .

So start to Build your Strategy and Roadmap using the same templates we use with the Platinum Clients.

NOTE: If you are not ready to invest in the Program right away, you can watch the FREE Leaders Transition Booster Module to sample the content and make an informed buying decision.

Ready To Learn More?

If you experience a significant transition, job change, promotion in the same company or just got a job in a new company. We have the solution to take care of your blueprint and your business strategy.
We'll offer you the best possible support. Find out how successful Leaders are thriving in their career with Leaders Transition Booster.

For critical periods you need adapted strategies

The time frame for success and gains is tighter than ever. The most critical periods reported during a career, despite significant projects, or complex decisions, who are also very challenging, are the transitions into a new role (both internal promotion or new company integration). Research shows that an average of 50% of senior leaders fails in 18 months in integrating their new roles.

Mastering the Technical side of Transition: Strategy, Results is only a part of the equation. Equally important are the Emotional practices we use to establish Social Acceptance and Connection with the Team, Stakeholders, and guarantee Company Culture Integration.

This interactive ten (10) weeks program offers practical, researchbased strategies for maximizing your performance while linking Technical and Emotional strategies. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program that will help you boost your transition into a successful career.

You‘ll learn how to think strategically about your transition. You will have accurate assessments and make actions plans. This will stretch you, hold you accountable, and make you strive for success.

Using insights from research, scientific principles of positive psychology and demonstrated experience this course offers a proven game-plan for sharpening your strategy. You will have a clear roadmap for both long and short term success.

1-on-1 Coaching

Whether you are a new hired Leader or a Business Owner or HR manager, who wants to build your Transition and Change expertise, consider working with Leaders Transition Booster and Alexandra Claes

Learn About the Leaders Transition Booster Program

To get Top Business Leadership Skills, you need to invest either time or money.

You have three choices when it comes to investing in your Leadership.


1) If you don’t have money, but you have time 

You need to invest in a do-it-yourself Leadership, Change management, and Emotional intelligence training program with the templates to deliver it.
When you consider a program you want to follow, you need to make sure you find something with a proven strategy. Then you need to make sure you have the technology to deliver this strategy.
This is precisely why we created the Leaders Transition Booster Academy- Silver Option. It has both the training and the coaching you need to plan and build your Transition.

2) If you have some time and some money

If you have the time to invest in your strategy, but you want to get the highest possible chance of success, you should consider investing in a Transition coach.
When you hire a Transition coach, you need to find someone with a proven track record of success — both in Business Expertise and in Leadership Knowledge.
We developed the Leaders Transition Booster Academy Gold package with LTB Founder, Alexandra Claes.

3) If you have money but no time

If your business is going through hard times: Either doing well or if going through a crisis and Transition time then you probably have little time to devote to learning and do-it-yourself.
In this case, you need to invest in a world-class consultant with a track record of success. With a team that has built strategies with the results, you are expecting.
For this, we have the Leaders Transition Booster Platinum program with LTB Founder, Alexandra Claes.

Hire Alexandra and Leaders Transition Booster Team to build your Transition and Change for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ten weeks boosting program, pairing Coaching with Leadership development and Business growth
Learning: online Training Sessions
Coaching: depending on the plan chosen: Biweekly or weekly one-to-one calls
Business Growth: Diagnosis and Strategy focused in the Transition period
Leadership development: Leadership assessment and reflection during all
Concise, engaging and action focused

Five or ten coaching calls (English or French) depending on the plan chosen
Anywhere, anytime contact by Whatsapp, by email with your Coach,
Recording of the calls,
Agile Online Board and structured feedback to track your success,
Practical exercises and examples
Change Style Indicator Assessment
EQi2.0Leadership Assessment
Structured templates, audits, and checklists to use in your business for diagnosis and build action plans
Leaders Transition Booster Manual & Worksheets
Click here to download the Executive Summary PDF

Only the Platinum Version comes with a personalized business diagnosis with Leaders Transition Booster Founder, Alexandra Claes. Of course, in the other two versions Silver and Gold we get to discuss during the coaching hours on your personal and business challenges.
There are three packages available today:

  • Silver: 5 Learning Sessions and 5 One-to-One Coaching Sessions
  • Gold: 5 Learning Sessions and 10 One-to-One Coaching Sessions
  • Platinum: Personalized consulting and intervention + all what available on the Gold package

We have 3 versions available of the Program. According to the campaigns, we might have special discounted prices. Please download the program Summary where you will find all prices on this date.

  • Silver: 5 Learning Sessions and 5 One-to-One Coaching Sessions.
  • Gold: 5 Learning Sessions and 10 One-to-One Coaching Sessions
  • Platinum: Personalized consulting and intervention + all that is available on the Gold package ( prices based on the duration and complexity or request)

Click here for Pricing

For both Silver and Gold packages all the communication online.

  • We deliver the learning modules in your Agile board every week.
  • The Coaching sessions are available based on booking and are performed live on Skype.

The Platinum version is an active presence in your organization for the diagnosis days. Moreover, the10 online learning modules and live Skype Calls are available for you.

The lessons are 1 hour every week on the following topics:

  1. Transition Roadmap: Prepare yourself. Influence and Build Credibility in 3 steps. Trust, Expertise, and Mindset. Craft your three-month plan. Onboarding Guide *
  2. Navigate through Change. Understanding Change: Individual Change and motivation. Why people resist change? Decision-making strategies and Stress management. Change Style Indicator Feedback *
  3. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: Why Resilience is essential in change. The five skills you need to build. The first one is Awareness. EQI2.0 Leadership Feedback *
  4. Prove yourself an expert. Assess and diagnose. Negotiate success. Align expectations. Link value with KPI. Manage your team. Action plan. Business diagnosis and goals *
  5. Coach and develop others: Assess your coaching style, Win-win relationships. Receiving, and providing feedback. Mindset, Team goals guide*

* Examples of Audits, Templates, and Assesments here.

Click here for the Program Summary PDF download

With all honesty, there are no guarantees in leadership when it comes to results.
However, we can guarantee if you go through the learning modules, apply all templates, take all the coaching calls you will have the whole understanding needed to face the transition, alongside with an entire Business and Leadership development plan.

If this doesn’t happen, you will get a full refund. Thirty days guaranteed after the end of the program. You get ten weeks +30 days guarantee. The only thing you need to provide us is the proof of the templates applications and to get all the coaching calls.

I’m not just trying to seem busy, I really am. My schedule is limited, I am personally leading or participating in all Coaching calls, and Assessment Feedbacks sessions.
Due to the limited time, I want to ensure that I am the right fit for you and that you are the right fit for the Program.
To apply for the workshop, go first through a short quiz, tell us your reasons to want to go through this Program.

Click here to Start the Application.

The program is online for the learning part and life online for the coaching hours.
Based on our mutual availability, the program can start. If you think this is interesting, book a free call to get more information.

Click here to book a call.

You have three choices based on the importance and emergence of your transition situation.

1) If you think your new job transition can go on a slow pace and you estimate you will need less guidance, then we advise you to chose the silver version.

2) If you are challenged in your new position and feel in the middle of a tornado, then you might think for the gold version. Download here the Executive Summary presentation Gold version

3) If you think you are in a crisis and feel like losing ground, and you have the available budget then download here the Executive Summary presentation Platinum version and have a talk with your boss. It might be wise to get some external help for a short period.

If you still have questions: Click here to book a call.

Please send me a message or book a call here. 

Ready To Learn More?

If you experience a significant transition, job change, promotion in the same company or just got a job in a new company. We have the solution to take care of your blueprint and your business strategy. We'll offer you the best possible support. Find out how successful Leaders are thriving in their career with Leaders Transition Booster.

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