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Targeted solutions to guide business & leadership transitions to exceed expectations in performance and growth


Drive your life with intention and clarity. Bring joy and gratitude in personal and professional areas. Propel your actions with focus and discipline. Let go of whatever holds you back and gain the inner calm and peace of mind. Alexandra’s solutions, one-to-one coaching programs, training systems, and targeted workshops will help you identify where exactly you are, how far your goal is, and develop a concrete strategy to bridge any performance gaps.


For Business Leaders

Time frame for success and gains is tighter than ever. Mastering the Technical side: Strategy, Results is only a part of the equation. Equally important are the Emotional practices we use to establish Social Acceptance and Connection with the Team, Stakeholders and guarantee Company Culture Integration.

For Coaching Professionals

How do you get the desired impact? How do you put in the world your expertise? What is the area you want to focus on in the next 5 to 10 years? How can you bring your ideas to clients? You want a system that works for you? You want to remain authentic, build your products, and create your blueprints?

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Emotionally Effective Leader

How to enhance leadership skills using the emotional intelligence and increase effectiveness

Leader’s Transition Booster

Accelerate difficult transition times, and prevent costly personal and professional mistakes

Leading Change

A practical approach to improve Change Effectiveness. Enable creativity, collaboration and innovation

Hardiness and Resilience

How to Overcome Challenges, Build Mental Toughness, Persistence, and Resilience, to Achieve Your Goals

Executive Presence for Women

How to drive long-term success, increase leadership impact, inspire others, and gain respect while remaining authentic

Finance as Strategic Partner

Enhance critical skills to become a valuable associate, sustain long term growth and differentiate yourself


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I am committed to maintaining and promoting excellent practice in coaching, mentoring, and supervision. I agree to embrace and respect this Code of Ethics, and adhere to elements and principles of the Code of Ethics, within the signatories’ specific governance and the wider context of practice with the main Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision Associations and Federation. I am eager to grow my coaching practice and continually develop myself to reach best professional and ethical coaching standards.


Member of the ICF- International Coaching Federation, representing the highest quality and commitment to excellence in professional coaching.

Member of the AC- Association for Coaching, dedicated to learn and commited to uphold best practice and standards for coaching across the globe.

Member of EMCC - European Mentoring and Coaching Council, I support the aims and guiding principles and abide by the code of ethics and professional practices.

Member of the ACSM - Association of professional Coaching Supervisors and Mentors, committed to maintaining and promoting excellent practice.


To help my partners thrive, I focus on their unique gifts, talents, and abilities. I incorporate evidence-based, strength-oriented solutions, along with positive motivation and empowerment methods, practical tools, and creative resources. I strive for excellence. I am a continuous learner and certified myself in a variety of methodologies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, mindfulness, and lean. I believe in a powerful coaching relationship, and I offer a safe, trustful space to open up. I arrive with my passion, energy, and supportive approach to improve my client’s engagement and stimulate the creative thinking process to open up new opportunities, develop work improvement strategies, and meaningful accomplishments.

Certified Marshall Goldsmith Coach, Executive and Team Coaching , a very unique approach to executive coaching as it Guarantees Measurable Leadership Growth.

Certified in EQi2.0 and EQ360 MHS, a validated and reliable measure of emotional intelligence (EI), for leadership development, selection and executive coaching.

Certified in The Hardiness Resilience GaugeTM (HRGTM), a tool grounded in over 30 years of research and development, Providing valuable insight into hardiness and resiliency.

Certified in the ChangeStyleIndicato®, an assessment tool designed to measure an individual’s preferred style in approaching change and in addressing situations involving change.

Certified Neuro Linguistical Programming Trainer, Trained and Certified by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, Michael Carol., and member of the International Trainers Academy of NLP

Professional Certified Coach PCC, demonstrated knowledge and emerging proficiency in the application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching.

Certified into Entrepreneurial Edge, a tool helping you understand how to reach you entrepreneurial aspirations whether it be for the success of you own business or within another organization. 

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